Mind Games

© Aditya Ikranegara


Unstable minds are like the shadows cast by wind chimes. The shadows consistently shift, only staying still when the wind dies down; every breeze changes
the arrangement.
It is easily stripped of its stability in a moment. The weather, the time of day, the shadows cast by other objects; these are all simple factors that can affect an unstable mind drastically.

The chimes never touch for more than a moment when set into motion.

When two chimes make contact
it isn’t a predictable bounce in the opposite direction.
It’s a collision that sends
them into random     paths.

It becomes frightening because predicting the next thought or emotion is almost impossible. Excitement can give way to suspicion of what caused the emotion. That suspicion can now lead to anxiety and mental stress can cause illogical thoughts to appear. Thoroughly terrified of the situation, depression can engulf the mind like an eclipse; bright light to thick darkness in an instant.

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