Approaching the summit of your journey forged in tracks now unseen due to the storm, you look down towards the water. It is savage and unwavering. The crashing of its waves are fierce to send a simple message.

You cannot conquer us. Fear us. We will destroy you.
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Lost in the woods for what felt like decades, he emerged expecting to be a butterfly.

He was told tales when he was a child about a wide-eyed adventurer plunging into the forest with only bravery and coming out a new person. When he emerged from the forest into an open field of dead grass, it seemed his fables had failed him.
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Game Face

Never show weakness in the face of adversity her mother had taught her; these words were hollow if they could not prevent the wounds continuously opened by his rage. For years she allowed him to deteriorate her self-esteem for fear of losing the man she loved by speaking against him.
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